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On Monday, Will Senators Stand With The 99 Percent Or With Big Oil?

Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) is calling for an end to oil tax breaks, with plans for a procedural vote on Monday. While the American public wants an end to the billions of dollars in Big Oil handouts, the latest House Republican budget plan once again delivers massive tax breaks to the richest 1 percent and preserves the huge giveaways to the oil industry.

Cheney Operation Underscores Heart Transplant Issues

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is recovering from a heart transplant he received Saturday at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Va.

The Hooded Sweathshirt Becomes Unlikely Target

The hooded sweatshirt has become an unlikely but potent symbol since the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Fox’s Geraldo Riviera went so far as to say that wearing a hoodie might have contributed to Trayvon’s death last month. But for the organizer of the “million hoodie march” in New York, and for many young black men in Florida, wearing a hooded sweatshirt has become a form of protest against racial profiling in the wake of Trayvon’s shooting. NPR’s Joel Rose reports.

4 Questions That Could Make Or Break The Health Care Law

The court has boiled the arguments down into four questions. The first and threshold question is Monday, when the justices must decide whether an 1867 law called the Tax Anti-Injunction Act prevents the court from even considering this bill right now.

BofA To Offer Foreclosure Option: Rent, Not Own

Bank of America says it has begun a pilot program offering some of its mortgage customers who are facing foreclosure a chance to stay in their homes by becoming renters instead of owners.

The “Mortgage to Lease” program, which was launched this week, will be available to fewer than 1,000 BofA customers selected by the bank in test markets in Arizona, Nevada and New York.

U.S.-led talks with Taliban going nowhere, report says

KABUL, Afghanistan — A prominent international think tank has warned that U.S.-led talks with the Taliban are going nowhere and has called for the United Nations to take the lead in peace negotiations to prevent Afghanistan sliding into civil war.

California Muslim Mother Beaten To Death, Left With Note Saying ‘Go Back To Your Country, You Terrorist’

In the wake of the senseless killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida, another possible hate crime in California underscored the chasm between American values of equality and non-discrimination and incidents of intolerance.

Robert Gates: Attacking Iran Would Be A ‘Catastrophe’

Iran hawks and the GOP presidential candidates like Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney have been slow to acknowledge the inherent dangers of U.S. and/or Israeli military strikes on Iran’s nuclear facilities while members of President Obama’s cabinet have made the case that sanctions and diplomatic pressure are the best strategy for deterring Iran from pursuing a nuclear weapon.

But in remarks delivered last week at the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates — himself a Republican — delivered a stern warning to those who push for the “military option” against Iran.

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