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White House Preps For Court’s Health Care Ruling

The law will be back in the spotlight next week when the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments about the Affordable Care Act. The White House is gearing up to defend the policy, sending top administration officials out across the country to explain the law’s benefits. The focus this week is on women, who are key health care consumers and an all-important demographic for the president’s re-election bid.

FBI Still Struggling With Supreme Court’s GPS Ruling

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court said police had overstepped their legal authority by planting a GPS tracker on the car of a suspected drug dealer without getting a search warrant. It seemed like another instance in a long line of cases that tests the balance between personal privacy and the needs of law enforcement.

No fatalities in strongest quake to hit Mexico City since 1985

MEXICO CITY — A powerful earthquake in southern Mexico shook buildings in this megacity Tuesday, sending objects tumbling from shelves, cracking walls and emptying buildings of millions of frightened residents fleeing to the streets.

Bombings in Iraq kill 50, heighten security concern for planned Arab summit


If TV Stations Won’t Post Their Data on Political Ads, We Will

Every local broadcast station has a repository of documents about political advertising that you have a legal right to see but can do so only by going to the station and asking to see “the public file.”

U.N. chief warns of “massive repercussions” from Syria crisis

(Reuters) – U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon said on Wednesday Syria’s crisis was highly alarming and had “massive repercussions” for the world, as heavy fighting raged in the Syrian capital Damascus.

Southern Miss Revokes Scholarships Of Band Members For ‘Green Card’ Chant

The University of Southern Mississippi announced that it took disciplinary action against five of its pep band members today.

The five students were involved in one of the more controversial moments of the NCAA tournament, when they chanted “Where’s your green card?” as Angel Rodriguez, a Latino player from Kansas State, took a free throw.

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