For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles on the impacts of Texas’ new forced sonogram law and of conservative efforts to privatize special education programs, how the conservative movement has been crazy for the past sixty years, greenwashing at Walmart, and the impacts of cost-benefit analysis on environmental protection.

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‘We Have No Choice’: One Woman’s Ordeal With Texas’ New Sonogram Law – the story of a Texas woman seeking to terminate her pregnancy upon finding out that her child would have serious and irreversible abnormalities, and the emotional and financial burden imposed on her by Texas’ new anti-choice sonogram law.

My Nephew and My Fears for His Future – blogger Steven D at Booman Tribune writes about how conservative efforts to privatize special education programs and get families to give up their federally protected special education benefits makes him worry about the future for his disabled nephew.

Why Conservatives Are Still Crazy After All These Years – an essay arguing that conservatives are no crazier today than they have been for the past sixty or more years. Instead, it is just that those crazy conservatives have more power than they used to because they have taken over the GOP.

Walmart’s Greenwash – a report documenting how Walmart’s sustainability PR campaign masks a company that has massive adverse environmental impacts and regularly backs anti-environment political candidates.

Applying Cost-Benefit to Past Decisions: Was Environmental Protection Ever a Good Idea? – an interesting argument that had the type of cost-benefit analysis that conservatives demand for public health and environmental protections would have delayed or foreclosed three of the most successful such protections – removing lead from gasoline, reducing vinyl chloride exposure in workplaces, and not damming the Grand Canyon.