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Auto Parts Suppliers Hiring As Fast As They Can

Detroit automakers are creating thousands of new jobs amid a sales boom. And as they expand, their suppliers are racing to keep up, adding tens of thousands of new jobs.

As Gangs Move To New York Suburbs, So Does Crime

Over the past few years, authorities have arrested more than 200 gang members in an unexpected place: the tree-lined suburbs along the Hudson River in New York.

Iran’s Parliament Grills Embattled Ahmadinejad

Iran’s parliament questioned President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday over a long list of accusations, including that he mismanaged the nation’s economy and defied the authority of the country’s supreme leader.

Senate rejects plan to open Arctic refuge to drilling

WASHINGTON — The Senate on Tuesday resoundingly rejected a sweeping measure to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other protected areas to oil drilling, as well as to approve construction of the Keystone pipeline project.

Mexico acts to toughen law against attacks on journalists

MEXICO CITY — The Mexican Senate Tuesday approved a constitutional amendment that would make attacks on journalists a federal crime, responding to growing pressure on news gatherers in a country where 48 journalists have been slain or have disappeared under suspicious circumstances in the last five years.

Chinese maker of offshore wind turbines, sets up U.S. base in Raleigh

A Chinese wind turbine manufacturer today announced the opening of a research-and-development facility in Raleigh in anticipation for demand for its offshore turbines in this country.

U.S. defense chief in Afghanistan as bombs kill 9

(Reuters) – Defence Secretary Leon Panetta arrived in Afghanistan on an unannounced visit on Wednesday, as the United States tried to contain fallout from a massacre of 16 Afghan civilians by an American soldier.

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