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Former Employees Allege JP Morgan Chase Robo-Signed Credit Card Documents, Destroyed Borrower Records

Back in January, American Banker reported that JP Morgan Chase — the nation’s biggest bank — was potentially robo-signing credit card documents. Robo-signing, of course, is the pernicious practice banks used to approve foreclosures without verifying basic information about borrowers or complying with property law.

Study: Speculators To Blame For Skyrocketing Food Prices

While Americans have focused on rising fuel prices over the past month, food prices around the world are also skyrocketing, outpacing the rate of inflation for other consumer products and threatening to create a price bubble for the third time since 2008. Food prices have increased 4.4 percent in the last year compared with a 2.9 percent rise for all consumer goods. Prices on products like coffee and peanut butter have risen as much as 27 percent.

Even Utah Thinks GOP’s Abstinence-Only Efforts Going Too Far

In recent years, Utah has earned a reputation for being one of the reddest states in the country. Indeed, less than 35 percent of 2008 voters in the Beehive State cast their ballots for the Obama-Biden ticket. But a new poll by Brigham Young University shows even Utahans are not backing the growing “abstinence-only” push by the right-wing.

Poll: Public Backs Obama Over GOP On Gas Prices, 66% Blame Big Oil Or Mideast Tension for Price Spike

A new poll finds that the public supports President Obama over Congressional Republicans on gas prices. The National Journal survey shows that 44% of respondents trust the President “to make the right decisions to help bring down the price of gasoline,” against 32% for the Congressional GOP.

Though 69 Percent Of Americans Want Super PAC Ban, Super PACs Dominate GOP Race

Independent expenditure-only “super PAC” committees have accounted for a stunning 91 percent of the television campaign advertising over the past month in Alabama and Mississippi — the two states holding their Republican primaries today. But while the more than $75 million already spent nationally by these groups has undoubtedly altered the dynamics of the presidential race, it has also annoyed the vast majority of Americans.

Reid Will File To End Seventeen GOP Filibusters Of President Obama’s Judicial Nominees

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) announced this afternoon that he will file cloture — the Senate procedure to break a filibuster — on seventeen judicial nominees currently being blocked by Republican obstructionism. Nearly all of these nominees were either unanimously approved in the Senate Judiciary Committee or were approved with Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) as the only objection. Lee, of course, promised to block all of President Obama’s nominees and he also believes that Medicare and Social Security are unconstitutional.

Bush SCOTUS Finalist: Striking Down Health Reform ‘Is a Prescription For Economic Chaos’

Last month, federal court of appeals Judge J. Harvie Wilkinson, an influential conservative who has one of President George W. Bush’s five finalists for the Supreme Court nomination that eventually went to Chief Justice Roberts, published a book calling the lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act a “heavy judicial lift.” In a rare op-ed by a sitting federal judge, Wilkinson went even further yesterday, warning that the attempts to strike down the ACA could have disastrous consequences:

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