For this weekend’s reading list we have stories on the impressive scope of President Obama’s achievements, the $635 billion we have wasted militarizing police forces, why full employment is good for the working class, why environmental funders need to focus on building a grassroots movement, and a debunking of climate deniers.

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The Incomplete Greatness of Barack Obama – a thorough accounting of how President Obama has achieved more in the first three years of his Presidency than any other President has in decades. Here is our list of accomplishments achieved by the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats in 2009 and 2010.

The Cost of America’s Police State – a report on the nearly $650 billion we have spent since the September 11 attacks militarizing police forces throughout the US against a threat that is largely non-existent.

The Case for Full Employment – an analysis showing how having full employment – i.e., the lowest unemployment rate consistent with stable inflation – as the goal of our economic system benefits working and middle class Americans and reduces economic inequality.

Cultivating the Grassroots: A Winning Approach for Environment and Climate FundersWhy the Global Warming Skeptics Are Wrong – a debunking of myths offered by climate deniers regarding whether climate change is occurring, how humans are causing climate change, how it will impact us, and whether climate scientists are profiting off concerns about climate change.