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Fed Shrugged Off Warnings, Let Banks Pay Shareholders Billions

In early November 2010, as the Federal Reserve began to weigh whether the nation’s biggest financial firms were healthy enough to return money to their shareholders, a top regulator bluntly warned: Don’t let them.

Murdoch’s Circle: The Growing News International Scandal

From phone hacking to bribery, the corruption at News International has involved many players — increasingly, ones close to Rupert Murdoch. We’ve mapped out the players involved in this growing debacle, organized by their proximity to Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch and other senior staff.

Florida House passes ‘anti-Sharia’ bill despite protests

A proposal critics say targets Islam passed the Florida House Thursday despite heated opposition from two Jewish Democratic lawmakers who called the bill unnecessary and discriminatory.

Whatever happened to task force on oil speculation?

WASHINGTON — When oil and gasoline prices soared last April, President Barack Obama announced to fanfare that the Department of Justice would lead a task force designed to root out manipulation of the oil market and gouging of consumers at the gas pump.

N.C. Republican lawmaker claims ‘extreme poverty’ doesn’t exist in state

A state House lawmaker entered the national fray over what constitutes poverty Thursday when he declared there was no “extreme poverty” in North Carolina.

Shrinking Community Grants Put Cities In A Crunch

Budget cuts approved by Congress in the past two years are trickling down to local communities, and officials there are not happy. They say that reductions in community development block grants will hurt the nation’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Seattle’s First Urban Food Forest Will Be Open To Foragers

If you’re a regular reader of The Salt, you’ve probably noticed our interest in foraging. From San Francisco to Maryland, we’ve met wild food experts, nature guides and chefs passionate about picking foods growing in their backyards.

Now, Washington state has jumped on the foraging bandwagon with plans to develop a 7-acre public plot into a food forest. The kicker? The lot sits smack in the middle of Seattle.

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