I was trying to work when all of a sudden a number of pieces seemed to click into place for me about the GOP’s war on women. A number of seemingly disparate things came together in a way I don’t like. This isn’t just about pro-life and contraception and religious freedom.

For starters, three New Hampshire bills would have weakened their domestic violence laws (if a cop doesn’t see it, it didn’t happen) and not a single Republican voted to renew the Violence Against Women Act in committee. Several states will vote on ‘Personhood Amendments’ that would declare every fertilized ova a viable life, and could create criminal sanctions against hormonal birth control, the morning after pill, and miscarriages. And we’ve all read about the contraception debate, which Republicans insist so strongly is about ‘religious freedom’ that they decided a woman was not qualified to testify.

So I was wandering around thinking, “Men have gone crazy. Do they really want wives and partners who will tell them, “No sex, I don’t want to get pregnant?” I doubt they want to hear that, but that’s what all these things could result in.

And then it clicked with the domestic violence law changes. Conservative men seemingly want total control over women. If the wife or girlfriend denies them sex, guess what? They get to beat her into submission or force her. That may sound extreme, but the Virginia legislature just passed a bill that requires doctors to perform transvaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortions, regardless of medical need or the woman’s consent. Many in the media accurately described that as “state-sponsored rape,” concerns one Virginia legislator dismissed by saying women consented to being “vaginally penetrated when they got pregnant.”

Is it really too bizarre to suggest that such men would defend marital rape as well?

Don’t be surprised if child support is next on the agenda. A Missouri bill last year would have ended child support in joint custody cases. The conservative Family Research Council gave Illinois congressman Joe Walsh a 100% “true blue” rating for his “unwavering support of the family.” I guess they mean the idea of the family, because Rep. Walsh refuses to support his own. During the debate on Oklahoma’s ‘Personhood Amendment,’ state senator Jim Wilson (D) offered an amendment that would require the father to pay for the would-be mother’s health care, housing, transportation and nourishment while she is pregnant. That Oklahoma Senate rejected that amendment.

All in all, the Republican Party seems to be about allowing women to be beaten, forcing women to get pregnant, forcing women to stay pregnant or suffer a medical rape, and forcing women to pay the costs of pregnancy and raising the children. They lay all of that on the altar of ‘religious freedom,’ a topic they say women are not qualified to discuss.

That sounds like the very deep end of a crazy line of thought. But it’s the only way I can put this outburst of craziness together. Please, tell me I’m wrong.