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1 Dead, 1 Hurt In U.S. Federal Building Shooting

A federal immigration agent who shot and injured a colleague in their office in Long Beach, Calif., was killed when a third agent drew his weapon and fired, the FBI said.

Birth Control: Latest Collision Between Individual Conscience And Society

President Obama’s controversial decision to require Catholic employers to provide free contraceptives to their employees is still reverberating.

A new New York Times/CBS News poll out this week shows 60 percent of the public supports the president, including 58 percent of all Catholics.

Doctors ‘Disgruntled’ And Frustrated By Looming Medicare Cuts

The good news for the nation’s doctors — and the millions of Medicare patients they care for — is that assuming everything goes as planned, the 27.4 percent cut in reimbursements that would have taken effect March 1 won’t.

The bad news? The fix included in the deal to extend the payroll tax holiday isn’t permanent. It only extends to the end of the year. And then, if Congress doesn’t act again, the cut it is expected to be will be in the neighborhood of 32 percent.

How Citibank Dumped Lousy Mortgages on the Government

Citigroup agreed yesterday to pay $158 million to settle a lawsuit over bad loans that the bank passed on to the Federal Housing Administration to insure. The whistle-blower who originally brought the case, Sherry Hunt, an employee of Citi’s mortgage department, said the company actively undermined the process that was supposed to check for fraud in order to push through reckless loans and get higher profits.

U.S. House OKs opening ANWR to oil drilling

The U.S. House once again passed a bill to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, voting 237-187 Thursday on a measure expected to die in the Senate.

The Woman Prevented From Testifying In Favor Of Birth Control Says She’s ‘Stunned’ By GOP’s Rebuke

Sandra Fluke, the woman Republicans prevented from testifying at yesterday’s House Oversight Committee hearing, says she was “stunned” at Chairman Darrel Issa’s (R-CA) decision to keep her from discussing the consequences of limiting women’s access to affordable contraception at a hearing focused on President Obama’s birth control requirement.

Grassley Holds Domestic Violence Victims Hostage To Lash Out At Gay Victims And Immigrants

Congress passed the Violence Against Women Act in 1994, and it’s been reauthorized without a hitch twice since then. Now that it’s up for reauthorization again, however, Senate Republicans have suddenly decided to use it as part of an anti-gay and anti-immigrant crusade. Every single Republican member of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted against reauthorization, with Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-IA) taking the lead against the bill

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