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How (and How Not) to Jumpstart an Economy

The polarized rhetoric of the 2012 election cycle presents voters with a false choice of whether the government can create jobs or should just get out of the way. The real debate should be about which policies work and which don’t.

Oklahoma Opts Out Of Foreclosure Deal

Robo-signing and dual tracking wrongfully foreclosed on homes all across the country. Almost every state will accept the $26 billion federal settlement — all except Oklahoma. Weekends on All Things Considered host Guy Raz speaks with Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt about why he chose to opt his state out of the federal foreclosure abuse settlement.

Top US general meets Egyptian leader amid strained relations

CAIRO — The Pentagon’s top general met Saturday with the head of Egypt’s ruling military council amid the fraying of bilateral relations over a criminal case against 16 American civil society workers.

Supreme Court Asked To Double Down On Citizens United

The day has now come for the Supreme Court to fix its most egregious error since Bush v. Gore:

Challengers to Montana’s ban on corporate independent expenditures—recently upheld by the Montana Supreme Court—have asked Justice Anthony Kennedy to put a hold on the state court’s ruling and have urged the full Court to reverse it. . . .

Rick Santorum Accuses Obama Of Helping Iran Acquire Nuclear Weapons

Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum, hot off his primary victories in Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, accused President Obama of allowing Iran to obtain nuclear weapons.

How The House Republicans’ Transportation Bill Hurts Low-Income Minorities

House Republicans have released a transportation bill that would eliminate the government’s dedicated funding stream for mass transit, instead counting on a plan that the Congressional Budget Office found would cover just 5 percent of transit costs. The New York Times called the bill “uniquely terrible,” while Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, a Republican, called it “the worst transportation bill I’ve ever seen during 35 years of public service.”

Washington Gov. Gregoire Pledges To Personally Lobby Christie On Marriage Equality

Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire (D) — who is scheduled to sign marriage equality legislation on Monday — has personally pledged to contact fellow Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) and convince him to sign legislation legalizing same-sex marriage in New Jersey. Christie has threatened to veto the bill currently under consideration in the state legislature.

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