For this weekend’s reading list we have a moving photo essay about the human toll of coal mining, the dangers posed by the lawsuit to strike down the anti-marriage-equality Proposition 8 going to the Supreme Court, ways to save the global economy, the importance of unions to democracy and the middle class, and the political benefits of President Obama’s contraception compromise.

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Coal – The Big Picture – a moving photo essay of the terrible human toll that the mining of 7000 megatons of coal has on people in the nearly seventy countries worldwide that mine coal.

Gambling With Gay Marriage – An essay detailing how, for all of the legal merits of the federal court challenge to California’s anti-marriage-equality Proposition 8, the case poses a huge political risk of either a 5-4 Supreme Court decision in favor of bans on marriage equality or a 5-4 pro-equality decision that triggers a political backlash against marriage equality.

13 Out of the Tinderbox Ways to Save the Economy – A series of essays in this month’s Foreign Policy magazine about ways to save the global economy, including essays calling for reducing military spending, increasing inflation, a $1 trillion global investment in infrastructure, and greening cities.

Unions Make Democracy Work For the Middle Class – A new report from the Center for American Progress about how unions are critical to both a secure middle class and a vibrant democracy

Contraception Row Could Rebound in Obama’s Favor – an argument that President Obama’s contraception “compromise” – which still ensures that everyone has access to no co-pay contraception – should politically benefit Obama as he has shown himself to be reasonable while the GOP has loudly taken a public position that is opposed to the views of the majority of Americans.