For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles on the historic importance of passing and protecting health care reform, whether Israel will strike Iran this year, President Obama’s populist State of the Union address, a detailed look at economic inequality, and whether the 2012 elections will reflect the will of the people.

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A Spoonful of Sugar: On the Affordable Care Act – an essay explaining how President Obama’s victory in passing health care reform was especially impressive after decades of failed efforts to achieve national health care, and how repeal of the Affordable Care Act would likely eliminate the opportunity for further reform for decades to come.

Will Israel Attack Iran? – a thorough but disturbing evaluation of tensions between Israel and Iran that concludes that Israel will strike Iran in 2012. It is critical that we call on the Obama Administration to continue to pressure Israel not to launch such a misguided attack.

A Better Deal – an overview of how President Obama’s recent State of the Union address shows that the President is staking his re-election “on a raw form of populism” and represents a significant change from the more moderate approach Obama took in the 2011 SOTU.

The Issue of Income Inequality – the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities’ useful 5-part series of slideshow presentations on how our economy has gone from broadly shared prosperity in the 1940s-1970s to extreme levels of income and wealth concentration today

Can We Have a Democratic Election? – an essay asking whether, in light of the rise of Super PACs and conservative voter suppression laws, the 2012 elections will reflect the will of the people, and how we can make future elections more democratic.