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Romney To Release Tax Returns This Tuesday

On Fox News Sunday this morning, Mitt Romney announced that his campaign will release his 2010 tax returns on Tuesday, as well as an “estimate” of his 2011 tax returns. He avoided offering the returns from any years prior but explained that all the investments and taxes were paid in the United States and “you’ll see it’s a substantial amount.” This is the third stance Romney has taken on his tax returns. He first refused to release anything, then said he would release some returns in April if he wins the nomination.

Pawlenty Defends Unlimited Campaign Donations As Citizens United Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary

Two years ago today, the Supreme Court struck down longstanding restrictions on corporate money in American elections, paving the way for super PACs and major third party spending.

CIA Tracks Public Information For The Private Eye

Secrets: the currency of spies around the world. The rise of social media, hash-tags, forums, blogs and online news sites has revealed a new kind of secret — those hiding in plain sight. The CIA calls all this information “open source” material, and it’s changing the way America’s top spy agency does business.

After Gingrich ‘Slam Dunk,’ GOP Battle Intensifies

Newt Gingrich’s win in South Carolina was big enough to ensure that the Republican primary season will remain competitive for weeks to come.

But even in the immediate aftermath of the former House speaker’s 12 percentage point victory over Mitt Romney, analysts were asking whether Gingrich’s newfound momentum would be enough to sustain a serious challenge.

Afghanistan’s Karzai met with insurgents’ peace delegation

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Saturday that he recently met with a peace delegation from an insurgent faction of the Islamic nationalist group Hezb-i-Islami that he hoped would have “productive results.”

Islamists elected to dominate Egyptian parliament

CAIRO — Islamists won a combined 72 percent of parliamentary seats in the first election after Egypt’s revolution, according to official 2esults Saturday that cemented the victory of rival religious parties belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood and the more fundamentalist Salafists.

Shrinking defense budget worries small businesses

WASHINGTON — The obstacles small businesses face trying to win their first Defense Department contracts will likely grow, and some existing small defense firms could be driven out of business in the coming years, amid billions in planned defense cuts and the drawdown from two wars.

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