After an epic struggle with ups and downs and some nasty words exchanged … the Patriots defeated the Ravens to move to the Super Bowl. (More)

Also, Newt Gingrich defeated Mitt Romney to continue the GOP preseason. Unless Romney wins Florida. Which he could after he unveils his new strategy this week….


A Letter from Mitt Romney – by Andy Borowitz (The Borowitz Report)

About My Finances

Dear American People:

Over the past several days, my personal finances have been distorted into a grotesque caricature by the mainstream media, pundits, and other people who can count. I am writing to you to set the record straight by explaining my finances in terms the American people can relate to.

Let’s say you bought a bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild 1982 for $5,000. A couple of years later, what do you know, you sell that same bottle for $10,000. So you just made a profit of $5,000 through your own hard work. How much of that should you pay to the government? I’d say fifteen percent.

Click on the link or check your Cayman Islands account for more.


But really, this is a week about football:


Tebow’s Defeat Restores Nation’s Faith In God – (The Onion)

Tebow’s Defeat Restores Nation’s Faith In God


Or not….


Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina, Responds to Critics – by Apocalection (The Daily Satire)

Newt Gingrich today responded to his critics after winning the vote in South Carolina to become the Republican nominee in the 2012 presidential race.

Newt Gingrich: Good I can feel your anger…..

Use your light saber to click the link for more. Or your mouse will work, but it’s not as dramatic.


And speaking of drama:

Sheepish Secret Service Agent Can’t Explain How Vacuum Cleaner Salesman Got Into Oval Office – by Doyle Redland (The Onion)

Well that sucked….


Time to get back to football. And the game’s about to start….