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This week I attended my local Democratic Executive Committee meeting. We discussed our local recruiting and training efforts, as well as several bills being offered in the Florida Legislature. Among those are the Student Nutrition Enhancement Act (HB 1137) that would allow school cafeterias to sell naming rights to corporate sponsors, a so-called Parent Empowerment Act (HB1191) that would allow parents to force school ‘reforms’ including conversion to charter status, and so-called Revenue Neutral Tax Reform (HB 1181) that would replace “revenue from required local effort school property tax & nonvoted discretionary property taxes with revenue from state sales tax surtax.” We also discussed the anti-abortion Amendment 6 that would overturn In re: T.W., the 1989 Florida Supreme Court case holding the explicit right to privacy in the Florida Constitution applies to women’s health care choices, and Amendment 7 that would allow public funds for expressly religious institutions, including private religious schools. Finally, we discussed the pending legal challenges to the Florida Legislature’s redistricting plans.