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The Income Gap: Unfair, Or Are We Just Jealous?

The widening gulf between the rich and everyone else is a growing source of tension in America.

A new survey from the Pew Research Center finds the income gap is now seen as a bigger source of conflict in the U.S. than race, age or national origin. That’s why some believe the issue could matter in the presidential campaign, and others worry it could warp the national debate.

Montana’s Wide-Open Spaces Getting A Bit Crowded

One of the nation’s least densely populated states has hit a major milestone. Montana’s population crossed over the 1 million person mark around the first of the year. While the governor says that’s a good sign for the future, some residents say the state’s already too crowded.

Foreclosures Hit Lowest Point In Four Years, But Signs For 2012 Look Bad

According to the latest data from Realty Trac, foreclosures in 2011 hit their lowest point in four years. One in every 69 homes received at least one foreclosure filing in 2011, while 804,000 homes were repossessed, down from 2010′s record of more than one million repossessions.

While this is good news for the economy, as continued foreclosures have been a drag on the recovery, the numbers are not quite as rosy as they appear.

Romney’s Bain Capital Made Billions While Bankrupting Nearly One-Quarter Of The Companies It Invested In

2012 GOP presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney, who has a large lead in the polls heading into the New Hampshire primary tomorrow, has been taking heat from both Democrats and his Republican challengers for his time at Bain Capital, the private equity firm that he headed. Bain’s modus operandi was to invest in companies, leverage them up with debt, and then sell them off for scrap, allowing Bain’s investors to walk away with huge profits while the companies in which Bain invested wound up in bankruptcy, laying off workers and reneging on benefits.

Over Two Dozen Amicus Briefs Filed This Week Supporting The Affordable Care Act

Today amicus briefs supporting the Affordable Care Act’s minimum coverage provision are due in the Supreme Court. It is likely that as many as thirty briefs will be filed by the time today is over, and the Center for American Progress has released a synopsis of 22 of these briefs.

Gov. Walker Accused Of Over 1,000 Violations Of Campaign Finance Law, Could Face $557,500 Fine

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) may have violated his state’s campaign finance law over 1,000 times in the 2010 gubernatorial campaign by failing to properly report contributions, according to a new report.

Wages of sin: Priest sex abuse cost K.C. diocese $1 million in just 4 months

KANSAS CITY — The Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese spent more than $1 million during four months of 2011 in connection with priest sexual abuse cases, according to a diocesan report.

The report shows a diocese insurance program incurred $631,553 in costs relating to clergy sexual abuse from July through October. It also paid $427,707 in connection with an independent investigation led by former U.S. Attorney Todd Graves at the request of the diocese.

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