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The Bank of Genoa failed in the wake of Spain’s bankruptcy today (1607). Also, London’s Daily Universal Register, later renamed The Times, premiered (1785), the First National Assembly adopted the design of the Greek flag (1822), the Treaty of Cahuenga ended the Mexican-American War in California (1847), the United Kingdom’s Independent Labour Party held their first meeting (1893), Émile Zola published J’accuse (1898), New York’s Metropolitan Opera House aired the first public radio broadcast (1910), Henry Ford patented a plastic automobile (1942), and Robert C. Weaver became America’s first black cabinet member as the Secretary for Housing and Urban Development (1966). And Virginia’s Douglas Wilder became America’s first elected black governor (1990).


The Janitor Professor of Astrology took a break from playing Star Buffer II to research this week’s Bippiescopes….

Capricorn: A friend may call unexpectedly this weekend. Don’t shower or sleep.

Aquarius: You may bet a financial windfall this weekend. Or it may just be windy.

Pisces: You may enjoy an group activity this weekend. Or they may not invite you.

Aries: Look forward to surprising events this weekend. But we can’t tell you what.

Taurus: This is your weekend to begin an adventure. If the kids let you play.

Gemini: Don’t believe everything you read this weekend. Except your Bippiescope.

Cancer: Air travel may be in your future this weekend. Or you may get lucky.

Leo: Expect strange dreams this weekend. Also expect to not remember them.

Virgo: You may meet someone nice at a party this weekend. Maybe a Pisces.

Libra: Expect the unexpected this weekend. Then do the impossible.

Scorpio: Talk to other travelers this weekend. Or stay home and tweet them.

Sagittarius: This is a weekend to learn new technology. If the kids let you play.


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