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Agreeing not to be allies with England, King Francis I of France and Holy Roman Emperor Charles V signed the Treaty of Toledo today (1539). Also, the first Colonial American museum opened in Charleston, South Carolina (1773), Scotland’s Wernerian Society held their first organizational meeting (1808), the Royal Aeronautical Society was formed in London (1866), the National Trust was founded in the United Kingdom (1895), Paris’ Eiffel Tower was first used for long-distance radio broadcasts (1908), Finnish Jews received full citizenship (1918), Sam ‘n’ Henry, who became Amos ‘n’ Andy, premiered on Chicago’s WGN (1926), Hattie W. Caraway was elected to the U.S. Senate (1932), Spain’s Caves of Nerja were rediscovered (1959), and James Bedford was cryonically preserved (1967). And the RMS Queen Mary 2 made her maiden voyage (2004).

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