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Galileo observed four moons of Jupiter today (1610). Also, the Bank of North America opened (1782), Jean-Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries flew from Dover to Calais in a gas balloon (1785), Italy’s modern flag premiered (1797), William Kennedy Dickson received a patent for motion picture film (1894), the New York State Assembly voted to suspend five newly elected members from the Socialist Party (1920), transatlantic telephone service was established from New York to England (1927), Guy Menzies made the first non-stop solo flight from Australia to New Zealand (1931), Kentucky Air National Guard pilot Thomas Mantrell crashed while pursuing a UFO (1948), the Georgetown-IBM experiment demonstrated a rudimentary Russian-to-English translator (1954), President Jimmy Carter authorized a $1.5 billion bailout of Chrysler (1980), and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency launched Sakigake (1985). And the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton began (1999).

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