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The Candidate Who Cried Treason: Santorum Says Obama Consistently ‘Sided With Our Enemies’

In an attempt to pull off an upset in tonight’s Iowa caucus, GOP contender Rick Santorum is resorting to ever more vicious attacks on President Obama to prove his conservative bona fides.

On the campaign trail today he repeated his claim that Obama has consistently “sided with our enemies,” and refused to give the president credit for Osama bin Laden’s death

Man Arrested In N.Y. Islamic Center Firebomb Attack

A man who confessed to a string of arson attacks at an Islamic cultural center and four other sites on New Year’s Day was arrested on a hate crime charge, police said.

Ray Lazier Lengend was arrested Tuesday on charges including one count of arson as a hate crime, four counts of arson and five counts of criminal possession of a weapon, police said.

A Man. A Van. A Surprising Business Plan.

We’ve all been there. Trapped in line at the DMV. Or stuck on hold while trying to call a city agency. It’s easy to complain about government bureaucracy. But it’s the rare person who sees such inefficiency as a business opportunity.

Secret Guantanamo cellblock cost about $700,000

A once-secret Guantánamo cellblock now used to punish captives was built in November 2007 for $690,000 from a crude, then 5-year-old temporary prison camp design.

North Carolina ACLU questions new restrictions on panhandling

RALEIGH, N.C. — The ACLU of North Carolina has warned Johnston County, Wake County and Raleigh that new rules restricting panhandling may be unconstitutional and has asked them to repeal the restrictions or face possible lawsuits.

Drug research routinely suppressed, study authors find

MILWAUKEE — Drug research, even from clinical trials sponsored by the federal government, routinely is suppressed, harming patients and increasing health care costs, according to new data highlighting an ethical controversy that continues to plague the field of medicine.

Drug Companies Reduce Payments to Doctors as Scrutiny Mounts

Some of the nation’s top medical schools cracked down on professors who give paid promotional talks for drugmakers last year, and the firms themselves cut back on such spending in the wake of mounting scrutiny.

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