Sometimes presents slip under the tree skirt and aren’t found until days later….


For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles about an investigation into charter schools in Miami, the misguided nature of Wall Street’s resistance to sensible regulation, the bad economic ideas that dominated conservative thought in 2011, the Ryan-Wyden plan to undermine Medicare, and why it is so difficult to regulate painkillers.

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Cashing In On Kids – an interesting investigative series by the Miami Herald about how for profit companies that manage charter schools in Miami-Dade county are making large profits off of taxpayer dollars while their charter schools take few poor or special needs students.

The Remarkable Political Stupidity of the Street – Robert Reich explains how Wall Street’s efforts to undermine sensible and fairly moderate financial regulations puts the banksters at risk of far more stringent regulations later.

The 10 Worst Economic Ideas of 2011 – Austerity, regressive taxes, cutting Social Security and Medicare, capping federal spending, and the other bad economic ideas that dominated far too much of the political conversation in 2011.

Ryan-Wyden Premium Support Proposal Not What It May Seem – How the recent premium support proposal from Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) would weaken traditional Medicare, shift costs to senior citizens, and not really save money.

The Champion of Painkillers – how the non-profit American Pain Foundation is actually financed by the pharmaceutical industry and works to successfully challenge stricter regulation of the distribution of pain medications, overdoses of which cause more than 15,000 deaths per year.