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Another Christmas is now a memory but before it fades I want to capture a few scenes. I spent Christmas eve with my son’s family.

I finished my youngest granddaughter’s stocking . When we tried to take a picture of her with her stocking she kept putting it in her mouth. It wasn’t exactly a Kodak moment and I started to hope that I had tied really good knots so that none of the pieces would end up being swallowed. Whew! J is nine months old. She was able to tear the wrapping paper off her packages but unfortunately she thinks paper is a food group. She knows the sign language for ‘more’ and as soon as I had taken the latest bit of paper away she’d sign more and keep tearing. She had no interest in the gift whatsoever. She wanted to eat the wrapping paper.

My grandson is 3. He had one gift in his hands and politely declined another one. “It’s okay I have one,” he said. He would have been quite happy to stick with one and let the rest of the hoopla pass him by. He also spent 45 minutes eating one big pretzel stick covered with almond bark and sprinkles. He ate it like one would eat corn on the cob. Other than one or two small Swedish meatballs I think that was his dinner. As he got into the swing of things, he tore the paper off a box and said, “Oh look, I got a big white box.” He didn’t feel the need to open it.

My oldest granddaughter is 5. She came into my bed about 5 am Christmas morning and tried to go back to sleep. She knew that Santa wouldn’t come unless you were sleeping. Her brother joined us a few minutes later. We spent an hour giggling and wiggling and talking about sleeping. We did not actually sleep. Since I had gone to bed at midnight I would have loved more sleep. Sometime after 6 am my son and D-I-L went downstairs and turned on Christmas music. My son came into my room and had them listen for the music. He told them it meant Santa had come. (Thanks to BPI for this wonderful idea.)

The first concern wasn’t what Santa had left by the tree, it was whether or not he had eaten the cookies and drank the milk. Hmmm. Santa brought Addi a big doll house with people. She promptly put each person on the little toilet because, “that’s important in the morning.” She also named the baby “Jesus” but said she would just call him baby J. Santa brought Lincoln a remote controlled dragon. He was very relieved to not have to unwrap it and mastered the remote control with a little help from his dad.

While I hear all the concern about materialism and glittery holidays, it isn’t what I witnessed. Most of their gifts were clothes or books. A few reminders about sharing and the two older kids were doing fine. I left after breakfast and came home and took a nap. Actually I had two naps yesterday. Celebrating Christmas is tiring.

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