For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles on how far off-base the GOP is, how militarization of the police has been going on for years in African American neighborhoods, an overview of the fundamental US economic changes that need to be addressed, and a thorough identification of all of the hurdles that the poor face in getting ahead.

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The GOP’s Crackpot Agenda – An accounting of how pro-wealthy elite, anti-environmental, anti-worker, and anti-government the GOP presidential candidates are.

From War on Drugs to War on Occupy – A report documenting how the increasingly militarized police forces who evicted Occupy Wall Street are nothing new, as such militarized force has been used in African American communities for decades.

The Book of Jobs – an essay explaining how structural changes in our economy from industrial to service-based have weakened our economy by shrinking the availability of secure middle class jobs.

If I Were a Poor Black Kid – an essay detailing the numerous hurdles to success that poor children of any race in the US face. This post was in response to the absolutely ridiculous essay of the same name that was published in Forbes magazine earlier.