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Corporate Tax Dodging Has Cost States More Than $42 Billion In Revenue Over The Last Three Years

ThinkProgress has documented the repeated tax dodging of large corporations, some of which, like GE, have gone entire years without paying taxes despite hauling in massive profits. Now, that phenomenon has spread to the states, where many corporations have largely avoided paying state corporate income taxes despite growing profits. Some companies, like DuPont, avoided state taxes altogether, paying nothing from 2008 to 2010 even as its profits piled up.

Between 2008 And 2010, 30 Big Corporations Spent More Lobbying Washington Than They Paid In Income Taxes

A report released this month by Public Campaign demonstrates just how important it is for Americans to battle corporate special interests and reclaim our democracy. The group’s research finds that thirty big corporations actually spent more money lobbying the federal government between 2008 and 2010 than they spent in taxes. For example, General Electric — one of the top 10 most profitable companies in the world — got a net tax rebate of $4.7 billion during this period. Meanwhile, it spent $84 million lobbying the federal government.

Report Reveals More Troops’ Remains In Landfill

The remains of at least 274 American troops were dumped in a Virginia landfill during a four-year period ending in 2008 – far more than the military originally acknowledged, according to a report published by The Washington Post.

Friendly Advice For Teachers: Beware Of Facebook

The new and ever-changing world of social networking has blurred the lines between private and public, work and personal, friend and stranger. It’s becoming a particular challenge for teachers who can quickly rile students and parents by posting comments or photos online.

In some cases, teachers have been fired for statements they’ve made on Facebook, which is raising free speech issues.

U.S. commandos fan out in remote Africa to help find brutal rebels

NAIROBI, Kenya — The U.S. military has dropped its first set of boots into the tropical overgrowth of central Africa, one of the most inaccessible areas of the world, to help fight a brutal rogue rebel group that’s known for abducting children and mutilating the faces of victims.

The armed commandos aren’t there to fight, only to help the Ugandan army hunt down the elusive Lord’s Resistance Army and its legendary leader, Joseph Kony, officials say.

Study: Glass ceiling for women in business remains intact

A new UC Davis study suggests that the glass ceiling remains firmly in place for female executives in California … and likely will stay there for a long time.

When Gingrich held power, his GOP lieutenants tried to topple him

WASHINGTON — As former House Speaker Newt Gingrich trumpets his leadership skills in his quest for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, a different picture of his stewardship emerges from some GOP lawmakers who served with him during a failed 1997 coup attempt against the controversial speaker.

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