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Gingrich’s Latest Social Security Scheme: Privatize The Program Then Bail Out Bad Investors

2012 GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich today released his latest big idea: a return to Bush-style Social Security privatization. Gingrich has been quite vocal in his support for privatized Social Security accounts, but today marked the first time that he laid out specifics as to how he would gut one of the most successful programs in American history.

How Republican Tax Intransigence Sank The Super Committee: A Timeline

By now we have all heard the latest in the months-long debate over reducing the nation’s deficit — barring a last-minute miracle, the congressional super committee tasked with finding at least $1.5 trillion in deficit reduction will fail to come to an agreement. Cue handwringing by pundits lamenting the inability of both Democrats and Republicans to compromise.

The notion that both sides share in the blame is an easy line for commentators to repeat, but it isn’t true.

Obama Blames Republicans For Debt Panel’s Failure

President Obama Monday put the blame for the supercommittee’s failure squarely on congressional Republicans — and their unwillingness to consider higher taxes on the wealthy. Obama also threatened to veto any effort to escape from the automatic spending cuts agreed to in August without a balanced plan to reduce the deficit.

Using new health law, HHS challenges Pa. insurer’s rate increases

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration Monday called on a health insurance company in Pennsylvania to reduce what it is charging small businesses, using a tool in the new health-care law for the first time to pressure insurers to restrain rising premiums.

Prosecutors in Ted Stevens case won’t face criminal charges

A 2 1/2 year investigation into the bungled prosecution of then-U.S. Sen. Ted Stevens found widespread and sometimes intentional misconduct by Justice Department attorneys in that and other Alaska corruption cases. But the special prosecutor who led the review isn’t recommending they face any criminal charges.

>‘Spillionaires’ Powerbroker Loses Reelection Bid

A southeast Louisiana powerbroker at the heart of a ProPublica investigation into “spillionaires,” or people profiting from the BP oil spill clean-up, has lost his bid for reelection.

Egyptian protesters struggle to throw off army rule

(Reuters) – Egyptians frustrated with military rule battled police in the streets again on Tuesday as the generals scrambled to cope with the cabinet’s proffered resignation after bloodshed that has jolted plans for Egypt’s first free election in decades.

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