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This week I attended my local Democratic Party committee meeting. The Florida field director of Organizing for America addressed our meeting and discussed their plans for the 2012 campaign. Two points stood from stood out for me. First, OFA recognize that many who voted for President Obama and other Democrats in 2008 are disappointed with the progress since. OFA policy and training take no vote for granted, and assume no vote has yet been earned. They emphasize listening to voters and acknowledging their disappointment before discussing Democrats’ accomplishments and vision for the future. Second, he said OFA want to help local Democratic Party committees build grassroots capacity not only for 2012, but also for 2014 and beyond. He emphasized that state and local races are as essential to progress as federal races, and that many federal programs enacted by President Obama and Democrats in Congress have been stymied by Republicans at the state and local levels. I hope this heralds better cooperation between national, state, and local Democratic organizations, as that has long been a source of tension in our party.