No, there’s no problem with the girls, Nancy and Michelle. They’re doing fine and growing fast. Just yesterday they climbed around the tree for the first time. They had already wandered around the nest and even stepped out once or twice, their ear tufts and whiskers and tails twitching with delight. Just like your kids did as babies, except for the ear tufts and whiskers and tails. Mrs. Squirrel and I stayed close by and watched, holding paws. Just like you did with your babies, except for the paws. Okay, so maybe your kids didn’t climb the walls quite as quickly. I’m told human babies get their parents to do that instead.

And I understand. Researching 21st Century Political Nuttitude makes me climb walls too. So once in awhile it’s nice to relax and watch political candidates badly breeding. Er … Bad Lip Reading….

Here’s Ron Paul:

Actually I’m not sure if that was bad lip reading or they caught Rep. Paul in a moment of honesty. I mean, a lot of us do wish he were less coo coo. And as the resident faculty discussed last week, we could all do without the bad feces pudding.

Then there’s Mitt Romney:

Most of that makes as much sense as whatever Romney said yesterday, at least as compared to whatever Romney said the day before. Maybe he changes his mind so much because people throw sea fish at his TV. And forcing spiders and badgers on the enemy to make them shut up sounds a lot like his Iran policy. Or maybe his policy on unions. It’s hard to tell them apart.

Anyway, enjoy the giggles. I’ll be back after I wash a curl’s rocky longer prance. Er … watch the girls walk along a branch.

Good day and good nuts.