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BREAKING: Arizona Supreme Court Reverses Brewer-Led Impeachment, Reinstates Redistricting Commission Chair

In a stunning reversal, the Arizona Supreme Court tonight reversed an attempted power grab by Gov. Jan Brewer (R) and her Republican colleagues in the state legislature.

Judge Temporarily Stops Kansas Anti-Abortion Law From Taking Effect

Last week, Judge Franklin R. Theis placed a temporary retraining order on Kansas’s anti-abortion law mandating certain licensing regulations that threatens to shut down every abortion clinic in Kansas. The law was set to go into effect Monday, November 14. Kansas doctors achieved a temporary injunction in July that was set to expire on Monday. The court has yet to set a hearing date.

Martin Luther King III: Alabama’s Immigration Law Is Like ‘Jim Crow’

Calling it “Jim Crow Revisited,” Martin Luther King III and AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka lay out similarities between the civil rights movement that Martin Luther King, Jr. helped lead in Alabama and the draconian anti-immigrant law in the same state. “The passage of Alabama’s anti-immigrant legislation, HB 56, invokes inhumanity reminiscent of the Jim Crow South,” they write. “And the police state it has created is equally cruel.” In the op-ed, King and Trumka call on President Obama to stop immigration programs that lead to racial profiling, “including collaboration between state and local law enforcement and the Department of Homeland Security.”

Sign The 99 Percent Are Winning: Even Ayn Rand Fan Paul Ryan Is Complaining About The Top 1 Percent

99 Percenters nationwide have been engaged in raucous protests for two months now, seeking to call attention to income inequality and other social injustices that have enriched the top 1 percent at the expense of the rest of us.

Today, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) — a hard-right congressman whose political inspiration was ultra-right ideologue Ayn Rand — released a report offering an analysis of the nation’s growing income inequality.

Lawmakers Pass Sweeping Pension Overhaul In R.I.

Despite jeers and the threat of a lawsuit from public workers, Rhode Island lawmakers on Thursday night approved one of the most far-reaching overhauls to a public pension system in the nation.

The proposal is intended to save billions of dollars in future years by backing away from promised benefits to state and municipal workers in the state-run pension plan. Lawmakers called Thursday’s vote one of the most wrenching they’ve had to cast, though the fight may not be over if unions follow through with promised lawsuits.

Florida Sanctions Top Medicaid Prescribers — But Only After A Shove

At Dr. Huberto Merayo’s bustling psychiatry practice in Coral Gables, Fla., hundreds of poor patients on Medicaid walked away each year with prescriptions for powerful antipsychotic drugs.

Merayo’s prescriptions for the drugs totaled nearly $2 million in 2009 alone, state records show.

TSA Puts Off Safety Study of X-ray Body Scanners

The head of the Transportation Security Administration has backed off a public commitment to conduct a new independent study of X-ray body scanners used at airport security lanes around the country.

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