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Rep. Steve King Says Asking Hospital Patients Their Immigration Status Would Not Be Going ‘Too Far’

Portions of the nation’s most harmful immigration law went into effect last month in Alabama, causing widespread fear and panic among the state’s Latino population. It requires school officials to verify students’ immigration status, prompting thousands of frightened Latino students not to show up for school. The new law even makes it a felony for utility companies to provide water in undocumented immigrants’ homes.

Financial Industry Collects The Most Government Tax Subsidies

Citizens for Tax Justice report detailing how little corporations pay in federal corporate income tax also noted that financial firms receive the highest percentage of federal tax subsidies, collecting nearly 17 percent of the tax largesse that the government hands out. The largest single recipient of federal tax subsidies over the last three years was mega-bank Wells Fargo.

Alleged Herman Cain Sexual Harrassment Story Gets Upgraded To Criminal Sexual Abuse

Although news broke last week that several women accused presidential candidate Herman Cain of sexual harassment in the 1990s, the details of Cain’s alleged actions have been thin. Today, that changed. In a press conference this afternoon, a woman who sought advice from Cain on how she could get a job claims that Cain sexually abused her during their encounter

Rep. Keith Ellison Shows A Way Forward On Voting Rights

In state after state, conservative officials are waging a war on voting by enacting laws that serve no purpose other than to make it harder for people to participate in our democracy. These include everything from “voter ID” laws that disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of student, minority and low-income voters, to laws attacking early voting, to laws making it harder to register to vote, to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett’s (R) shockingly audacious plan to rig the Electoral College to prevent President Obama from winning in 2012.

Romney Promises More Justices Who Can’t Tell The Difference Between Corporations And People

Just three months after Romney proclaimed that “corporations are people,” he has pledged to ensure that the Supreme Court will continue to share this delusion. During editorial board meeting yesterday, Romney promised that if he is elected, he will model his Supreme Court picks after corporate America’s most favorite justices

Is Partisan Gerrymandering Unconstitutional?

In a recent interview, former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called Maryland’s current redistricting plan, which draws districts to benefit the state’s Democrats, “outrageously unconstitutional.”

Black, Asian teens less likely than whites to abuse drugs, Duke study concludes

DURHAM, N.C. — Black and Asian adolescents are much less likely than their white peers to abuse or become dependent on drugs and alcohol, according to a Duke University-led study based on an unusually large sample from all 50 states.

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