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Islamophobic Texas Gun Instructor: All Muslims Have ‘Sworn The Annihilation Of The United States’

In an interview with the New York Times, a state-certified gun instructor in Texas doubled down on Islamophobic comments he made in a radio ad to attract new customers. As ThinkProgress reported, Crockett Keller of Mason, Texas, said in the ad that he refused to teach Muslims, telling local news outlets and advocacy groups, “I would give up my license to teach before I will teach them,” because he considered all Muslims “enemies.”

Congressman From Koch Mike Pompeo: ‘We’re Trying’ To Defund The EPA

The Koch brothers and the foundation they fund, Americans for Prosperity, are among the biggest backers of the right’s anti-environment movement, pushing for the repeal of environmental laws and regulations on both the state and federal level. Those efforts continued at AFP’s annual Defending the American Dream Summit this weekend, as attacks on the EPA came from seemingly every prominent speaker and in multiple panels

Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Calls Unemployment Benefits A ‘Lifestyle’

Despite the necessary aid that unemployment benefits provide for those who have been laid off (not to mention the boost they give to the entire national economy), Republicans continue to attack and deride people who collect those benefits. In September, Rep. Steve King (R-IA) dismissed unemployment benefits as “welfare for people that won’t work,” and an Ohio state representative suggested his state drug test all benefit applicants. (He got the idea from Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R), who signed a law in June requiring drug tests for all welfare recipients.)

Now Tennessee Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey (R) thinks receiving unemployment benefits (an average of $285 per week in Tennessee) is simply a “lifestyle“:

Who Benefits When A Private Prison Comes To Town?

Federal and state officials are increasingly contracting private companies to run prisons and immigration detention centers.

Critics have long questioned the quality of private prisons and the promises of economic benefits where they are built. But proponents say private prisons not only save taxpayers money, but they also generate income for the surrounding community.

What prosecution says Penn State officials knew about Sandusky

STATE COLLEGE, Penn. — Seven years before a state grand jury began investigating a boy’s report that he had been sexually assaulted by former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky, Penn State officials were told by an eyewitness that Sandusky has sexually assaulted a boy in a shower room on the University Park campus.

Read more: Prosecution: Penn State execs hid child sex claims against football coach

After years of secrecy, Pentagon seeks order to let public view hearing for accused Cole bomber

Pentagon prosecutors have filed a sealed motion with the Guantánamo war court that apparently proposes allowing the general public for the first time to watch military proceedings against an accused al Qaida terrorist.

Lingering humpback whales a hazard to tourists seeking closer look

The humpback whales on an extended pit stop off Santa Cruz may be just too popular for their own good.

As the marine giants have steered unusually close to shore to feed, locals and visitors alike have paddled, sailed and motored out in a frenzied flotilla to greet them up close.

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