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Texas House GOP Caucus Chair: ‘Don’t Nitpick, Don’t Try To Jew Them’

Texas State Rep. Larry Taylor (R), the head of the House Republican Caucus, apologized today for using a Jewish slur to tell an insurance association that they need to pay claims on time. “Don’t nitpick, don’t try to Jew them down,” Taylor said at a legislative oversight hearing concerning the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association today. “That’s probably a bad term,” he quickly added

18 Arrested In Wisconsin Legislature For Using Cameras, Guns Still Allowed

Eighteen activists were arrested on Tuesday for using cameras in the gallery of the Wisconsin General Assembly. The arrests were part of a “Concealed Camera Day” event, planned to coincidence with the implementation of a new law that allows Wisconsinites to a concealed firearm, including inside the Assembly building. The Assembly does not allow cameras in the gallery, which the protesters — including the editor of a local progressive magazine — say is a violation of the First Amendment and of Wisconsin’s open meeting laws.

Romney’s Estate Tax Cut Would Save The Koch Brothers Up To $8.7 Billion Each

Tomorrow, 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney is slated to give a “major spending policy speech” at Americans For Prosperity’s Defending the American Dream Summit. Both the conference and AFP itself are funded by money from the billionaire Koch Brothers.

30 Major Corporations Paid No Income Taxes In The Last Three Years, While Making $160 Billion

One of the driving forces behind the ongoing Occupy Wall Street protests is the fact that corporations have not been paying their fair share in taxes. A new report from Citizens for Tax Justice will no nothing to alleviate the protesters’ frustration.

Bill Gates to tout Robin Hood tax to G20

Will the modern global economy’s version of Robin Hood help the fight against worldwide poverty? Bill Gates hopes so, and he’ll reportedly try to sell the heads of the 20 leading economies on the idea Thursday despite opposition from the United States and Great Britain.

Microsoft’s chairman and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation told the Guardian newspaper of London that he’ll promote levying a small financial transaction tax on each stock and bond trade, also called an FTT or a Robin Hood tax, in his address to the Group of 20 summit in France.

Audit of Texas natural gas pipelines finds many aren’t inspected

A state auditor’s report released this week found that the Texas Railroad Commission inspected only 65 percent of the highest-priority pipelines last year that were identified in the agency’s annual inspection work plan.

Boehner: New Revenues Depend On Spending Cuts

House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that “there’s room for revenue” as a congressional deficit-reduction supercommittee seeks $1.2 trillion or more in deficit cuts over the coming decade. But he says it would require a major overhaul of government benefit programs.

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