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New Jersey Plans To Give Food Company $80 Million In Tax Incentives To Create Nine Jobs

Last month, Florida’s economic development agency disclosed that Florida taxpayers have coughed up $1.7 billion in tax credits and incentives for businesses since 1995, but have gotten few jobs to show for it. In fact, “the lion’s share of the awards — 971 — have yet to report any jobs.”

But Florida is far from the only state with this problem. As New Jersey Policy Perspective (NJPP) noted, the Garden State offered food company Goya $80 million in tax incentives last month, for which the state will receive precisely nine jobs in return

100 Lawmakers To Debt Panel: Consider All Options

Forty House Republicans joined 60 Democrats Wednesday in pressing Congress’ special debt reduction committee to consider all options, including higher revenues, and shoot for $4 trillion in savings.

Strategy Behind A Marine Unit’s Dangerous Mission

The Marines of Darkhorse Battalion suffered a high rate of casualties during their seven-month deployment to southern Afghanistan. Their mission was to go after the Taliban in a place called Sangin — a crossroads of insurgency and drug trafficking. At the time, officials in the military and all the way up to the secretary of defense asked why the Darkhorse Battalion was taking so many casualties. NPR Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman is reporting all week on the battalion. On Wednesday, he speaks with Guy Raz about the strategy in Sangin: whether the Marines made mistakes and what they did to reduce causalities and complete the mission.

Fewer monarch butterflies spotted in Texas this year

It is one of the most amazing migrations in all of the world, not least because the animal making the 3,000-mile journey weighs half a gram and North Texans often see the ancient journey from their back yards and gardens.

NASA astronauts train in Florida Keys for voyage to an asteroid

At 60 feet below the ocean’s surface, alongside coral, fish and a curious goliath grouper, NASA astronauts and scientists spent seven days testing battery-powered jet packs, booms with magnets, robotic arms on one-man subs and other ways to function in zero gravity.

TSA to Conduct New Study of X-Ray Body Scanners

The head of the Transportation Security Administration testified today that the agency will perform a new, independent study on the safety of X-ray body scanners after lawmakers raised questions about a ProPublica investigation at a Senate hearing on aviation security.

Oakland Protesters Converge On Port

Thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters escalated their tactics beyond marches, rallies and tent camps Wednesday and moved to disrupt the flow of goods at the nation’s fifth-busiest port.

Protesters were arrested as they held a sit-in at the headquarters of cable giant Comcast in Philadelphia. Military veterans marched in uniform in New York, angry at their dim job prospects. And parents and their kids, some in strollers, formed a “children’s brigade” to join the Oakland, Calif., rallies.

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