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Protecting endangered forests in the Caucasus

An increasing number of species in the Caucasus are losing their natural habitat to deforestation. With international aid, environmental groups are trying to halt the destruction in several designated protected zones.

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Peat forests pose major climate threat

Peat forests are one of the world’s largest reservoirs of carbon dioxide. Clearing them causes huge damage to the climate. But that’s exactly what’s happening in Indonesia — at a rapid pace.

Climate change debate must include women’s voices, campaigners say

The debate over climate change is often dominated by carbon credits and emissions targets. But experts say it’s time to put people at the center and, in particular, focus on one group that is most at risk – women.

Why the world can’t afford to waste its waste

From household garbarge to electronic waste, today’s world generates more trash then ever before, A lot of it can be recycled: One person’s waste is another’s raw material.

Construction industry considers recycling buildings

The building industry is just starting to appreciate that its rubbish today will increasingly become its resources of tomorrow. A lot is already being recycled, but not very efficiently. That’s starting to change.

Helping poor regions create their own green energy industry

The development of renewable energy is on the rise in developing nations, many of which no longer rely on technology from Europe, but instead manufacture their own power plants.

Islands race against time to fend off climate disaster

Rising sea levels threaten coastlines around the world with island nations at particular risk. It’s feared that entire island states could be lost to the sea. But now a few are trying to reverse the tide.

Long ignored, marshes draw new interest in fight against climate change

Bogs and marshlands, which store huge amounts of carbon dioxide, are shrinking around the world at an alarming rate. Now some countries are doing a rethink and making efforts to restore the wetlands.

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