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Bank of America may pull back on debit-card fee

Bank of America Corp., under continued pressure from consumers, shareholders and politicians, will likely make it easier for more customers to avoid a $5 monthly debit-card fee, a source familiar with the plans said Friday.

Dana Perino Loses Cool With ‘Disgusting’ Name Calling At Fox

“I think it’s disgusting the way we name-call here,” Fox News contributor and former Bush press secretary Dana Perino said yesterday during a heated debate about energy loan programs on Fox’s “The Five.” After co-host Eric Bolling — perhaps best known for discussing President Obama’s penchant for “chugging 40′s” — attacked Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Perino called for more civility, saying, “This is a guy who was an accomplished scientist.” “It wasn’t as if both Republicans and Democrats didn’t ask for the program in the first place,” she added, referring to government funds for energy programs. Watch it

State-Certified Handgun Instructor In Texas Refuses To Teach Muslims, Obama Supporters

Crockett Keller, a state-certified gun safety instructor in Texas, wants to help you get a concealed handgun lesson — that is, unless you’re Muslim or liberal. “If you are a non-Christian Arab or Muslim, I will not teach you the class with no shame,” he says in a controversial new radio playing around Mason, TX, where Keller owns a gun store. “If you are a socialist liberal and or voted for the current campaigner in chief, please do not take this class. You have already proven that you cannot make a knowledgeable and prudent decision as under the law,” he added. In an interview with a local ABC affiliate, Keller made it clear he was serious: “I will give up my license to teach before I will teach them.”

Official: No ‘Silver Bullet’ To Solve Housing Crisis

Earlier this week, President Obama announced a plan to help homeowners refinance their mortgages.

The White House says it will help millions of people hold onto their homes through a government-backed modification program. But critics are skeptical the plan will be a success, in part because of the dependence on the good will of banks to voluntarily join up.

Spy Satellite Engineer’s Top Secret Is Revealed

Every day for decades, engineer Phil Pressel would come home from work and be unable to tell his wife what he’d been doing all day.

Now, Pressel is free to speak about his life’s work: designing cameras for a top-secret U.S. government spy satellite. Officially known as the KH-9 Hexagon, engineers called it “Big Bird” for its massive size.

Was autistic man really a Marine? Military court to decide

WASHINGTON — Los Angeles native Joshua D. Fry had been diagnosed as autistic and was living in a group home for people with mental disabilities when a Marine Corps recruiter signed him up for service.

Fry’s enlistment three years ago helped the recruiter meet his quota. It turned out far worse for Fry, who ended up being court-martialed on child pornography and other charges. Now his fate is posing a mind-boggling question for military judges:

Was Fry never really in the Marine Corps in the first place?

Gaza militants agree to truce after nine killed in Israeli air strikes

A spiralling round of Israeli air strikes and rocket fire from Gaza has claimed the lives of nine Palestinian militants and one Israeli civilian.

However Islamic Jihad, the main militant organisation behind the rocket launches, agreed to abide by an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire following further rocket fire from Gaza on Sunday. “When all jet fighters leave the skies of Gaza we will stop firing rockets,” Dawud Shehab, a senior member of Islamic Jihad, told the Associated Press.

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