For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles on how Occupy Wall Street rejects the mindless messaging of the media, lessons that we can all learn from the successful effort to get single-payer insurance in Vermont, a review of an interesting new book on our failed criminal justice system, a report about the conservative attack on voting rights, and a new Congressional Budget Office analysis of economic inequality in the US.

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Occupy the No-Spin Zone – Dahlia Lithwick at Slate praises Occupy Wall Street for rejecting the mainstream media’s call to adopt the type of simple-minded messaging that our media thrives on.

Help Wanted: Lessons From the Single-Payer State – a good overview of the five lessons that the progressive movement could learn from the successful effort to enact single-payer health insurance in Vermont.

Our ‘Broken System’ of Criminal Justice – former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens reviews William Stuntz’s interesting new book The Collapse of American Criminal Justice, which discusses how our nation’s criminal justice system is too severe and imposes a disproportionate impact on African Americans.

The Right to Vote Under Attack – a helpful report from People for the American Way explaining the conservative myth of voter fraud, how conservatives are working to suppress voting, and the groups behind the attack on voting rights.

Trends in the Distribution of Household Income Between 1979 and 2007 – a Congressional Budget Office report showing how the vast majority of national income growth over the past nearly 30 years has gone to the top 20% and, especially, the top 1%.