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Ex-Goldman Board Member To Surrender To FBI

A prominent former Goldman Sachs board member was expected to surrender to federal authorities on Wednesday to face criminal charges stemming from a massive hedge fund insider trading case, according to two people familiar with the case.

Rajat Gupta was expected to appear in federal court in Manhattan.

Big Fight Brewing In Senate Over Defense Policy Bill

A big fight is brewing in the Senate over the national defense policy bill. It’s legislation that would authorize a pay raise and other benefits for U.S. troops.

But the bipartisan bill also contains a provision about detainees that’s raising alarms at the White House, because the Obama administration says the measure would tie its hands in some terrorism cases.

N.C. judge rejects ultrasound requirement in state’s abortion law

RALEIGH, N.C. — A federal judge on Tuesday blocked the most controversial part of North Carolina’s abortion-restriction law, which goes into effect Wednesday: the requirement that patients be presented with a narrated ultrasound image of their womb within four hours of the operation.

Under New GOP Law, Florida Teacher Faces Huge Fines For The Crime Of Registering Students To Vote

In a valiant attempt to fight non-existent voter fraud, GOP lawmakers across the country have been passing legislation that systematically disenfranchises core Democratic constituencies by making it more difficult to vote. One of those groups — young voters — have chronically low turnout and report feeling disaffected by politics.

Judge Declares Mistrial In $700M Tobacco Lawsuit

A St. Louis judge declared a mistrial Tuesday in a $700 million lawsuit against Philip Morris USA, after jurors failed to reach agreement on whether Missouri smokers were misled into believing that light cigarettes were safer than regular cigarettes.

Did Obama engage as U.S.-Iraqi troop talks faltered?

BAGHDAD — Throughout the summer and autumn, as talks on a continued U.S. military presence in Iraq foundered, President Barack Obama and his point man on Iraq, Vice President Joe Biden, remained largely aloof from the process, logs released by the U.S. Embassy here suggest.

‘Pro-Life’ Measure Advancing In Several States Could Ban Some Couples From Conceiving Children

ThinkProgress has been reporting on the disturbing campaign by radical anti-abortion groups to pass “personhood” amendments to state constitutions that would define life as beginning the moment an egg is fertilized. These laws would not only criminalize abortion, but outlaw common forms of contraception as well.

Now the Daily Beast’s Michelle Goldberg reports on another consequence of this supposedly “pro-life” measure: it could ban couples from conceiving children through in vitro fertilization (IVF)

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