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Winter is fast approaching here and last winter was excessively snowy. The snow needs to be plowed and shoveled and generally moved off roads, driveways and sidewalks. Fire hydrants and mailboxes also need to be accessible. The city snow plows have a way of burying the mailboxes and occasionally even knocking them over. Downed mailboxes result in notices from the post office that are initially polite and eventually almost threatening. What’s a homeowner to do?

One of my sister’s neighbors came up with a novel solution. He abandoned trying to prop up his mail box post every time the plow either bumped it or the the volume of snow toppled it. He built a 4 foot tall column of concrete that is a little more than a foot square. It is covered in very nice brick and has inserts for the newspaper and a mailbox. He carefully positioned this post to meet the specifications of both the city and the post office, apparently the hardest part of the project. It will not tip over. It has footings that go below the frost line. It is the mail box equivalent of the brick outhouse.

This mailbox really stands out when compared with all the other black boxes on 4″ x 4″ posts. In a way it is a testament to creative problem solving and beating Mother Nature and City Hall in one DIY project. The neighborhood story is that this man’s old mailbox got knocked over sometimes weekly in a snowy winter. Just walking by it makes me smile. I’m happy for him that he’s solved his problem.

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