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This week I attended my local Democratic Party meeting. We also gained three new precinct leaders, and have several more on track to become precinct leaders next month. Members expressed support for the Occupy Wall Street/Occupy Together movement, and I proposed what I hope will be the least successful fundraiser we have ever done: the Stupid Fund. I explained why it is a mistake to refer to voters who don’t immediately agree or even disagree with us as “stupid.” Often their reluctance or disagreement has nothing to do with intelligence or facts. Instead, they focus on different issues, or weigh facts differently. And it’s a bad way to win support. I said I’d never seen a productive conversation begin with calling the other person “stupid.” Thus I proposed that if someone in our committee refer to voters or even our opponents as “stupid,” that person must put a dollar in the Stupid Fund. I’m pleased to report that, at the end of this month’s meeting, the balance in the Stupid Fund was zero.