For this weekend’s reading list we have an excerpt from a new book on the New Deal, a profile of Elizabeth Warren, a debunking of conservative economic myths, the benefits of collective bargaining, how government subsidies still favor dirty energy sources, and an assessment of the Obama Administration’s handling of the Bush Recession.

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What the New Deal Accomplished – an excerpt from Michael Hiltzik’s new book The New Deal: A Modern History about what the New Deal accomplished and what it continues to mean for us today.

The Woman Who Knew Too Much – An interesting profile of U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, her fight for the middle class and financial fairness, and the American financial oligarchy that is lined up against her.

Rich People Create Jobs! – a debunking of six conservative myths that are holding our economy back.

Benefits of Bargaining – a report on how collective bargaining by public employees benefits local communities in Ohio.

The Myth of the Free Market – a report on how the coal, oil, and other fossil fuel industries receive far more in federal taxpayer subsidies than do clean energy projects.

Could This Time Have Been Different? – A detailing by Ezra Klein of the successes and shortcomings of President Obama’s responses to the economic crisis that he inherited.