Oh my, now we have something to grow truly indignant about: the National Islamic Committee on Scouting (NICS).

According to TPM, World Daily Net is warning of the infiltration of one of America’s most sacred institutions. But it gets worse: it’s not just Muslim boys who are joining, it’s members of the Muslim Brotherhood which WND warns us is one of the major jihadist groups, like Al-Qaeda.

Now if you read the WND article, you will notice there is not one smidgeon of fact to back up this claim. It is a wild assertion of the worst sort, apparently generated by the simple existence of a National Islamic Committee on Scouting, and that Islamic boys have been welcomed into the BSA with their own committee.

The President of the BSA appoints the director of Islamic Scouting, and the NICS itself lists its vision as:


The Islamic Council on Scouting vision and promise to promote and guide cooperative contacts between the proper authorities of Muslim organizations, mosques, and proper authorities of Islamic organizations, mosques and centers in partnership with Scouting. This Vision is directed at developing the spiritual phase among Islamic youth by means of the Scout oath and law.

That’s hardly going to keep me awake at night.

Nor are the five pillars of faith which are taught in Islam and part of their conduct as Boy Scouts:

■ There are five pillars of Islam (or foundations of faith):
■ A Muslim boy of Boy Scout-age must offer prayers five times a day (when in camp, time for this activity should be allowed).
■ Before he can begin, the youth will need to wash himself in the prescribed way.
■ With other men and boys, he will attend the mosque (or other suitable area when in camp) to say prayers.
■ The Muslim Boy Scout will need to fast the whole month of Ramadan from dawn to sunset (no food or drink).
■ Additional pillars of the faith are giving to the needy, openly declaring faith in Allah and Muhammad as His last messenger, and making a pilgrimage at least once during one’s lifetime to the first House of God in Mecca.

Now what in the world is there to object to?