From OWS:

I’m glad Chef sent me that spiffy khaki journalist’s vest. First, it makes me look more like a class war correspondent. Second, it has plenty of pockets for my Blewberry and macadamias. And third, it’s getting chilly here and my vest helps keep me warm. The protesters need to keep warm too, so please donate to help them out with food, sleeping bags, and the like.

It’s more than meteorology. The Occupy Wall Street movement has spread nationwide under the rubric of Occupy Together. That could be a very positive development, if the Occupy protests change the political climate as New York Times columnist Paul Krugman suggests they can. Indeed that seems to be the primary focus, at least at Occupy Wall Street. The movement’s lack of a detailed policy agenda is actually beneficial in that regard. Once they start talking specifics, they risk becoming just another political interest group.

And outside interests are trying to make that happen. In Dallas, conspiracy nutcase Alex Jones formed his own movement – Occupy the Federal Reserve – to coincide with Occupy Dallas. Although he’s become its public face, Jones did not create Occupy the Federal Reserve. Its anti-government talking points come straight from Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks, the same corporate front who bankrolled the Tea Party.

Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich says the Occupy Wall Street movement proves that government should stop regulating banks. That’s nothing like the official message of the movement itself, yet. But commenters at the Occupy Wall Street Forum are noticing that pro-Ron Paul libertarians are trying to dominate the movement.

We’ll have to see whether the Occupy movement can change the political climate before the political climate changes the movement. Meanwhile, it’s still getting chilly here. So do donate to help the protesters keep warm. If enough of us help the movement, maybe FreedomWorks won’t be able to buy them out.

Good day and good nuts.