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99 Percenter Rebukes Corporate Fronts Like FreedomWorks, But Welcomes Regular Tea Party People

This week, the 99 Percent Movement arrived in Sacramento as crowds gathered in Cesar Chavez Park. Dubbed OccupySacramento, the rally swelled to several hundred in a scene reminiscent of recent events from as far as Orlando, Boston, and Wichita.

ThinkProgress spoke to several participants at the OccupySacramento rally. Mark Bradley, a local resident holding a sign condemning the Koch brothers and former Republican Majority Leader Dick Armey, explained that he joined the movement because of his concern about the influence of corporate money over government. He also invited rank-in-file Tea Party members to the OccupySacramento event, claiming that he’s already been in conversations with a few. Bradley, however, said “corporate shills” like Armey’s FreedomWorks are unwelcome

12-year-old girl’s tale of torture ends with escape at DMV office

SACRAMENTO — In the dry language of court papers, Duewa Abeana Lee is charged with 12 felony counts of violating California’s penal code in a “serious” fashion.

Here is what that means, according to prosecutors, who charged the 36-year-old south Sacramento woman Friday with child abuse, aggravated mayhem and torture of her boyfriend’s 12-year-old daughter

Most dangerous cities in America? Detroit’s No. 1, but the others may surprise

FORT WORTH — What’s the most dangerous city in Texas?

If you guessed Houston, Dallas or even Fort Worth – not so fast, cowpoke.


Bingo. “The Hub City” came it at No. 6, according to the Forbes report, right behind Anchorage, Alaska.

Detroit came in at No. 1, with 345 murders last year (almost one a day), and 1,111 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

Socialist primaries: France’s novel exercise in democracy proves a hit

It’s called primaries fever. It’s taking place all over France and should last another week. Although, in theory, only affecting the people of the left, even the right has showed early symptoms. Today, left-leaning French citizens are invited to choose their candidate to run for next year’s presidential elections. A second round will take place next Sunday, if necessary.

Little did we know, back in spring, that this novel exercise in democracy, at least in France, would enthuse us all beyond partisan lines. After an orchestrated campaign from Nicolas Sarkozy’s lieutenants last June, denigrating the Socialist primaries – calling it a massive operation of n’importe quoi – and denouncing the listing of citizens according to their political leaning, France’s prime minister, François Fillon, had to eat his words. He declared this week that the right would follow in the steps of the Socialists, leaving the people to choose a candidate for the presidential elections in 2017.

What Jerry Brown now has in common with Rick Perry: a Dream Act

SACRAMENTO — Gov. Jerry Brown Saturday signed legislation allowing undocumented immigrant college students to receive public financial aid, marking California’s relatively liberal ground in a bitter row over immigration nationwide.

The California Dream Act allows access to public financial aid, including Cal Grants, for undocumented students who came to the country before turning 16 and attended California high schools. Those students already are eligible for in-state tuition, and Brown in July signed a companion measure affording them access to private financial aid.

Ignoring Massive Industry Fraud, Bank Of America CEO Hypes Benefits Of Faster Foreclosures

Speaking at the Atlantic Idea Fest earlier this week, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan sat down for a televised interview with CNBC’s Larry Kudlow. Defending the bank’s new $5 per month debit card fee, Moynihan invented something he called the “right to make a profit.”

But another segment of the interview sheds a great deal of light on how Bank of America sees its role in the economy. A year ago, Bank of America was among the many banks caught in a sweeping “robo-signing” scandal, in which documents were allegedly fabricated in places all over the country in order to foreclose on more homes. Although Bank of America has continued using robo-signing tactics today, Moynihan and Kudlow dismissed the potentially massive fraud, and bantered about how faster foreclosures could be great for the country

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