For this weekend’s reading list we have a blog post urging progressives to fight for President Obama, an overview of President Obama’s job creation record, a study debunking the conservative myth that regulatory uncertainty is destroying jobs, a report about the impacts of Alabama’s draconian anti-immigrant law, and an evaluation of how job creation would reduce the deficit.

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You Asked For a Fight – a post from blogger BooMan reminding all of us progressives that now that President Obama has answered our call and is taking the fight to the GOP on the American Jobs Act, we need to have Obama’s back

What is Obama’s Actual Record on Creating Jobs? – A ProPublica overview of the jobs impacts of the stimulus bill, auto industry rescue, and other efforts at job creation that President Obama managed to get past Republican obstructionism

Regulatory Uncertainty: A Phony Explanation For Our Jobs Problem – a report from the Economic Policy Institute detailing how businesses investment is sluggish because of a lack of consumer demand, not taxes or regulations. On this same topic, also see Bruce Bartlett’s column Misrepresentations, Regulations and Jobs.

After Ruling, Hispanics Flee an Alabama Town – a report on how Alabama’s draconian anti-immigrant law, which was recently upheld by a federal district court, is causing an exodus of Latinos from that state.

Portion of Deficit Due to Cyclical Weakness – an estimate from the Congressional Budget Office that reduce unemployment to 5.2% (it is now at 9.1%) would lower the projected federal deficit for 2012 by one-third, from $973 billion to $630 billion.