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Romney Calls For A Bigger, Stronger Military

There is a tradition of Republican presidential candidates laying out their foreign-policy views at The Citadel.

John McCain did it four years ago; George W. Bush did it eight years before that. On Friday, it was Mitt Romney’s turn to speak at the South Carolina military academy.

U.S. Drone Controllers Said To Be Infected By Computer Virus

Let’s say you have people using computers to control unmanned aircraft that are useful for both gathering information and destroying targets on other continents. If you had a choice, those would probably not be the computers you’d like to see infected by a virus — but that’s what has happened to some U.S. systems that control Predator and Reaper drones, according to Wired’s Danger Room blog.

Santorum Flip-Flops: Protesters Were A ‘Fringe Group’ In The Morning, But He ‘Understands’ Them In The Afternoon

Republicans, many of whom adopted the Tea Party mantra when that movement began in 2008, have dismissed the ongoing protests on Wall Street as an anti-capitalist, anti-American movement, even as it spreads from its origins in New York to cities across the country. At the Values Voters Summit today, Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) called the protesters “mobs” and accused those supporting it of “condoning the pitting of Americans against Americans,” ignoring the legitimate complaints the protesters have made about the richest Wall Street bankers, many of whom have seen their incomes skyrocket while the average worker’s have stagnated.

Controversial decision awaits as hearings on oil sands pipeline ends

WASHINGTON — With the formal debate over on Friday, a decision on an oil pipeline that will cross America’s heartland and open up a greater market for Canada’s oil sands now rests with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Employers add 103,000 jobs, easing fears of new recession

WASHINGTON — Better-than-expected employment numbers Friday eased recession fears, but experts warned that the economy remains vulnerable because employers are adding new jobs at an insufficient pace to make a dent in the high unemployment rate.

Congressman From Koch Uninterested In Investigating Koch Industries’ Business Deals With Iran

Last week, Bloomberg released a bombshell report on Koch Industries, the oil conglomerate owned by the secretive conservative billionaires David and Charles Koch. The report revealed that Koch Industries subsidiaries were doing business in Iran and using bribes to win contracts elsewhere. The Koch Brothers were apparently alarmed enough about the report’s release that a blogger with extensive ties to the Kochs attempted to pre-but the allegations well before Bloomberg’s release.

1985 Bears finally honored by White House for Super Bowl win

WASHINGTON — Correcting an oversight of history, President Barack Obama welcomed the 1985 Chicago Bears football team to the White House on Friday — nearly 26 years after they won the Super Bowl.

“This is as much fun as I will have as president of the United States,” Obama said as he stood with coaches and players from the team on the South Lawn of the White House.

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