The Obama administration believes workers are entitled to know their rights. The NRLB have issued new rules to ensure that. (More)

Credit card companies, mortgage companies, and employers. They all require that we sign agreements which favor their positions, usually without giving us the ability to edit or amend those agreements. If you read these corporate contracts carefully you will find that corporations have the legal right to change your terms at any time, for almost any reason, and in some cases without notice. Some of the language is downright scary and very unattractive to consumers and workers but we sign or click on “I agree” anyway. Why do we do that?

These one sided contracts and their inherent unfairness have not gone unnoticed by the Obama administration and the very pro-worker Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis. Beginning November 14, 2011 we will all be reminded in our workplaces that we have the legal right to collectively bargain. This may not sound like a big deal to some, but I believe it will be a huge deal and I’m very excited about it.

Here is the full text of the required poster.

Knowing first hand the empowering effects of being able to amend and edit periodically the terms of your employment, I applaud the Obama administration’s move to educate workers of their legal rights under the National Labor Relations Act. I want every worker in America to understand that they can have a seat at the table to discuss things like regular cost of living increases, medical or dental benefits, pensions, hours worked, days off, safety concerns, and the many other benefits of collective bargaining.

When workers organize and negotiate together, rather than being pitted against each other, we make working conditions better for everyone. Know for your rights, and stand up for your rights. Together.