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‘Occupy Wall Street’ spreads all the way to Anchorage

ANCHORAGE — A woman in a boxy blue sedan waited at the light Wednesday on Sixth Avenue when she spotted the protesters along Town Square. Each held a sign.

“The people are too big to fail.”

“Get money out of politics.”

“I can’t afford a lobbyist.”

The driver leaned on the horn — a salute to the expanding cloud of 140-or-so demonstrators — as she passed. Her license plate: “INDICT.”

Nation’s Largest Nurses Union Says Tax Wall Street To Heal America

While at the Occupy Wall Street protests, ThinkProgress spoke to Ken Zinn, a staffer with the National Nurses Union — the nation’s largest nurses union, with nearly 160,000 members. Zinn’s group is pushing for a financial transactions tax (FTT), which would enact a small tax on financial trading that could generate hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

Calling Wall Street A ‘Gambling Casino,’ Democratic Rep. DeFazio Proposes Financial Transactions Tax

Echoing the demands of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) is proposing to tax the trading of stocks, bonds, and derivatives. DeFazio, along with his Senate co-sponsor Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), has proposed the tax several times in the past. But this time around, the idea is getting a boost of momentum from the popularity of a similar measure in Europe, as well as renewed national media focus on Wall Street profiteering as a result of the 99 Percent Movement

What Is Obama’s Actual Record on Creating Jobs?

The U.S. economy has been staggering for months and is still millions of jobs away from recovering from the nearly 9 million jobs lost since the start of the recession. Indeed, the official unemployment rate has hovered around 9 percent or 10 percent for more than two years.

President Obama has promised to focus on jobs, so we decided to look at his actual record: What exactly has the Obama administration done to create jobs so far? Here’s a look at Obama’s jobs initiatives, the hits, the misses, and the ones we’re still waiting for an answer on.

Apple’s Steve Jobs dies at age 56

Steve Jobs, who sparked a revolution in the technology industry and then presided over it as Silicon Valley’s radiant Sun King, died Wednesday. The incandescent center of a tech universe around which all the other planets revolved, Jobs had a genius for stylish design and a boyish sense of what was “cool.” He was 56 when he died, ahead of his time to the very end.

What Are the Latest Revelations About Koch Industries?

Bloomberg Markets Magazine has published an in-depth investigation into business practices at Koch Industries, run by politically influential brothers Charles and David Koch. The story lays out what it suggests is a decades-long pattern of illegal and unethical behavior at Koch.

Both Bloomberg Markets Magazine’s story and Koch’s official response are long and full of complicated details, and it’s not easy to untangle it all. Here’s our guide to what seem to be the newest, most significant allegations.

Breakup of Dexia begins amid call for EU-wide bank recapitalisation

So, the formal breakup and apparent nationalisation of troubled Belgian-French bank Dexia begins. How long before other banks across the 27-strong European Union find themselves in a similar position?

The bank has just admitted that it has entered into “exclusive negotations” in which the state of Luxembourg will take a stake in Dexia Banque Internationale à Luxembourg.

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