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I was confronted with an ethical and moral choice. To tell a tale or not to tell a tale. I am choosing not to tell the story because I deeply respect the person who asked me not to share it. In this case, the actual story doesn’t matter at all. I thought that the original story was heart-rending and touching. My friend has a totally different point of view.

This is my first decision point like this as a blogger. I have a bias towards openness. My son gave me permission to talk about his losing his house to foreclosure. He realized that when he started to talk about it with his coworkers that many of them were in the same boat. Maybe no one had any advice that would save anyone in the process, but simply knowing you weren’t the only one took away some of the stigma. Sharing built community. Community built support. Community builds hope. If nothing else community builds the sense of if we support each other maybe we can make it through this.

I believe in community. I have survived some of my life experiences because I had friends and family to lean on. If not, there are times when I might have given in to despair. Not depression in the clinical sense but an overwhelming desire to just give up. My first reaction to trouble was to hide. I was embarrassed. Surely this was not the dream I had for my life. As I eventually decided to share I realized that others were also experiencing their own troubles. Our troubles were unique and at the same time universal. Human beings are not perfect. Imperfection must be an essential part of the human condition. To live with imperfection is to believe in forgiveness.

So, back to the story I have chosen not to tell. May I just thank all the dogs who love us anyway. They are, to borrow a phrase from winterbanyan, “Angels in Fur.” I met a furry angel the other day and she touched my heart.

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