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Koch Brothers Flout Law With Secret Iran Sales

In May 2008, a unit of Koch Industries Inc., one of the world’s largest privately held companies, sent Ludmila Egorova-Farines, its newly hired compliance officer and ethics manager, to investigate the management of a subsidiary in Arles in southern France. In less than a week, she discovered that the company had paid bribes to win contracts.

Occupy Boston: Iraq Vet Fought For His Country Overseas, Now Fighting For His Country By Protesting The Banks

In a video interview with ThinkProgress, one of the protesters staying in the Occupy Boston encampment, Ryan Cahill, explained why he is part of the Occupy Together movement. Cahill served in the U.S. Army as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2005 and 2006, and is now a sophomore at Bunker Hill Community College. He explained that he opposes the top one percent using their “wealth to circumvent the democratic process” and is concerned that he and his fellow veterans are having trouble finding jobs commensurate with their skills. “I can get a job waiting tables,” he said, but he’s looking for something more in his future. Asked his message for other Americans, Cahill asked for their participation

California solar company makes its way without subsidies

After laying off 40 percent of its local staff and phasing out a once promising line of business, Roseville’s Solar Power Inc. did the unthinkable last year: It returned nearly $25 million in federal stimulus funding.

Tainted water flows from taps of rural California Valley homes

TOOLEVILLE, Calif. — From her living room window, Valeriana Alvarado can see the Friant-Kern Canal, where pristine snowmelt flows to farm fields.

She loves walking along the canal, knowing the sparkling water will irrigate oranges, peaches and grapes that keep her farmworker family employed.

But she wouldn’t mind getting some of that irrigation water at the drafty two-room trailer where she lives with eight family members.

Arab Spring increases pressure on Israel to negotiate, Panetta says

ABOARD A U.S. MILITARY AIRCRAFT — In the face of the regime changes brought by the Arab Spring, negotiating with the Palestinians is all the more important for an “increasingly isolated” Israel, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Sunday en route to the Middle East.

Iranian dissidents in Iraq seek refugee status in ‘positive step’

BAGHDAD _ More than 3,000 Iranian dissidents who’d been threatened with expulsion from Iraq on Dec. 31 have applied to the United Nations for refugee status, a move that could help clear up one of Iraq’s thorniest international problems from the era of dictator Saddam Hussein, U.N. and western diplomats said Sunday.

Finding The Next Steps For U.S.-Pakistan Relations

Adm. Mike Mullen retired last week after spending four years as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff trying to improve relations between the U.S. and Pakistan.

In his parting remarks, he had some advice for his successor, Gen. Martin Dempsey.

“I urge Marty to remember the importance of Pakistan to all this. To try to do a better job than I did with that vexing and yet vital relationship,” he said. “I continue to believe there is no solution without Pakistan and no stable future in the region without a partnership.”

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