For this weekend’s reading list we have essays in favor of UN recognition of Palestine, urging more partisanship by Democrats, and praising President Obama’s focus on jobs, a call for an open debate about targeted killings in counter-terrorism efforts, and a reminder that there are plenty of things that the crazy conservatives who now run the GOP will find objectionable about Chris Christie.

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Why the U.S. Should Support Palestinian Statehood at the U.N. – a compelling argument that President Obama is making a mistake in preparing to veto the Palestinians’ request for membership in the United Nations. If you agree, please sign the petition to the White House on this issue.

In Praise of Extremism – an essay arguing that increased partisanship from President Obama and the Democrats is a good thing as a matter of both policy and politics

Obama: A New Beginning? – an essay praising President Obama’s speech proposing the American Jobs Act, and urging more rhetoric and action focused on emphasizing the role that government must play in achieving economic recovery

A Secret License to Kill – a call for an open and public evaluation of the numerous thorny issues surrounding the question of who we can kill in our counter-terrorism efforts and in what circumstances we can kill them.

Five Things Conservatives Would Hate About Chris Christie – a reminder that while New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is certainly not a progressive, he does not completely fit in the mold of today’s reactionary conservatives on issues such as climate change, immigration, gun control, etc.