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Maine Elections Chief Uses GOP List To Intimidate Student Voters And Encourage Them To Re-Register In Another State

The latest voter suppression tactic employed by Republicans can be found in Maine, where last week the Secretary of State sent a threatening letter to hundreds of college students who were legally registered to vote in Maine, floating the possibility of election law violation and encouraging them to re-register elsewhere.

Judge Rejects DOJ’s Challenge To Alabama’s War On Immigrant Schoolchildren

Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn, a George H.W. Bush appointee, just issued an opinion striking down parts of Alabama’s newly-enacted anti-immigrant law. Although the opinion blocks several of the law’s provisions, including the provision making it a crime for undocumented immigrants to work, the opinion leaves untouched a provision of Alabama law requiring public schools to systematically determine the immigration status of public school students and to report the number of undocumented students in their district to the state.

Judge Receives Over 17 Year Sentence For Role In ‘Cash For Kids’ Private Prisons Scandal

Former Pennsylvania state judge Michael Conahan was sentenced last Friday to 210 months in prison for his involvement in a scandal to enrich private prison corporations by sentencing juvenile pranksters and other extremely minor offenders to be incarcerated in a corporate-run facility

Rick Perry’s Budget Cuts Will Leave 49,000 Teachers Without A Job And 43,000 College Students Without Financial Aid

GOP presidential front runner and secession enthusiast Gov. Rick Perry (TX) touts the primacy of state control and often points back to his reign over the state of Texas as proof of its efficacy. Of course, under Perry, Texas has a plummeting employment-to-population ratio, the highest rate of uninsured residents, the greatest number of executions, the highest pollution rate, and a derth of well-paying jobs.

Document Shows How Phone Firms Treat Private Data

A document obtained by the ACLU shows for the first time how the four largest cellphone companies in the U.S. treat data about their subscribers’ calls, text messages, Web surfing and approximate locations.

The one-page document from the Justice Department’s cybercrime division shows, for instance, that Verizon Wireless keeps, for a year, information about which cell towers subscriber phones connect to. That data that can be used to figure out where the phone has been, down to the level of a neighborhood. AT&T has kept the same data since July 2008.

The sheet is a guide for law enforcement, which can request the information from the carriers through legal channels.

Mortgage modifications are still messed up, 4 years later

WASHINGTON — Jose Palomo was surprised when the knock on the door came in August, informing him that his California home had been foreclosed and he’d need to vacate promptly. After all, he’d recently started payments on an in-house mortgage modification with CitiMortage Inc.

Supreme Court about to start most interesting term in years

WASHINGTON — California health-care conflicts will kick off a Supreme Court term that will, in time, turn toward the truly dramatic.

States and doctors have multi-billion-dollar stakes in the California case that starts the new term Monday. They’re weighing in, on competing sides. And just over the horizon is the lumbering giant: all-but-certain Supreme Court review of the Obama administration’s health care law right in the middle of an election year.

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